Running With The Greyhounds

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The Loyola Basketball Quiz

So You Think You Know Hounds Basketball

1.  From which college does Loyola's "sports bloodlines" descend?

        a) Seton Hall

        b) Fairfield

        c) Notre Dame

        d) Georgetown

        e) Baltimore University

2. Which Loyola basketball coach left Loyola and then returned as a player?


3. A nationally-ranked school brought a country high 28-game winning streak to Evergreen (the streak spanned 1942-43-44). Loyola’s 

    basketball program was going to be changed forever by this one game. No visiting team, no matter how strong, would ever come to 

    Loyola’s court and assume victory again. What school?

4. Lacy set the Loyola single game scoring record number of points at Western Maryland in a 72-49 win on February 14, 1948. It was 

    also a record for the Mason-Dixon Conference and the highest score in a single game nationally for 1947-48. Remember – no 

    3-point shots. How many points did he score?

        a) 29

        b) 39

        c) 44

5. Which Loyola player tried to steal Bob Lanier’s size 22 sneakers when we played St. Bonaventure on their home court? The police were

     going to board the bus when he relented and gave the one shoe back.

6. Why did several Loyola basketball players graduate in only 3-1/2 years?

        a)  They studied real hard and got good grades

        b)  So they could go into World War II early

        c)  They could only get 3-1/2 year national defense loans

        d)   It made Loyola more affordable

7. How many scholarships did Lefty have to give out in the 1930s?

       a)  none

       b)  only 1

       c)  two (2 if both were from out-of-state)

       d)  three (2 from in-state and an additional from out-of-state)

8. What was the famous nickname given to legendary Mt. St. Mary's coach?

9.  Who did Loyola play in the first-ever game?

        a) Morgan State

        b) University of Baltimore

        c) Baltimore City College

        d) Maryland State Normal School- later renamed Towson State College

10. There were two well-known pre-1900 venues in the history of Baltimore and Maryland basketball. The first was Holy Martyr’s Church 

       Hall – capacity of 1,000. What was the other venue – hint: capacity 300 and is still a heavily used destination, though not for basketball.

Four Bonus questions:

11) Which player played for both Loyola and the Mount and, strangely, won a Mason-Dixon Championship with both teams? I mean who

       does that—ever?

12) Who won the first Mason-Dixon Championship at the end of the 1940-41 season?

            a) Loyola

            b) Mt. St. Mary’s

            c) Western Maryland

            d) Washington College

13)  Who has more career wins than anyone else in Loyola College basketball history―88 wins?

14)   Loyola has a 7-2 all-time series record against this nationally ranked power.


Answer key:

   0         correct     You went to Loyola, right? (or was that Loyola in New Orleans or Chicago?)

 1-3       correct      Congratulations – you are truly a Loyola Greyhound and, most probably, a normal human being

 4-6       correct      You have gone to way too many reunions and most likely, played at some point on the freshman team of the varsity

 7-10     correct      You’re a fourth-generation Loyola legacy and your ancestors played on teams with Lefty, Lacy and Nap.

11-13    correct      You work in the University of Maryland National Archive annex.

  14       correct       You are Rain-Man

Correct answers below

Answers:  1 (C) Notre Dame 2. Al Barthelme 1945-46 3. Seton Hall 4. 44 points 5. Farrell Fenzell  6 (B) -  accelerated G.I. program for entry into WWII   7.  (A)  none  8.   Jim “Bow Tie” Phalen 9. (C)  Baltimore City College on 12-6-1907  10. The Cross Street Market – it had a 60’ x 35’ basketball court.  11 – Wish Galvin  12. Western Maryland  13. Billy Johnson (‘50)   14. University of Maryland